Get a Ride Home From the Bar

Count on us to drive you to your destination

It's easy enough to call a cab when you've been drinking, but what if that means leaving your car behind? Don't risk being towed or ticketed. Double D's Designated Drivers can come to your location and drive you home in your own car. That way, you aren't driving under the influence, and you don't have to go back later to pick up your car.

Call 507-990-6701 now to speak with a member of our designated driving service.

Enjoy a night out the safe and smart way

For small amount ($20 within Rochester, MN & out of town pricing is based on distance)  , we will come to the bar you're at and drive you home in your own vehicle.
That's a lot more affordable than a DUI charge. It's safer, too.
We want everyone to have a good time and get home without a problem.

We offer:

  • Designated driving services
  • Car pickup
  • Party bus rentals

Contact us today to request a pickup from your location.

Why choose Double D's Designated Drivers?

Our designated driving business is family-owned and -operated. We know how important it is to keep the roads safe for families everywhere. That's why we're so passionate about providing designated drivers. We're also committed to helping our community, contributing to several philanthropy projects in the Rochester area.


We have been recongized by KTTC Fan Favorite for 2022 favorite transportation service!