There's Always a Designated Driver Available

Make sure you and your car both get home safe and sound

Did you drive to a bar or restaurant and then drink more than you expected to? Are you trying to get home from a party but don't want to leave your car in someone else's driveway? Double D's Designated Drivers is here to help you. We'll send out two people: one to drive you in your vehicle, and the other to follow behind on a motorcycle or other car. That way, we can make sure everybody gets home safe.

Send a designated driver to your location now.

Make the smart decision. Don't drive if you've been drinking.

You might stress about ordering a rideshare service or a cab if it means leaving your vehicle behind. We take away that problem by providing a driver to operate your car. We have drivers who can drive automatic and manual cars.

You can:

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Once we've determined your location and preferred pickup time, we'll head out. Our designated driver service costs just $20 for transportation throughout Rochester, MN.

Request a designated driver today.